A Few Things to Consider When Planning a Trip

The Wood River and Crystal Creek is open from April 28 - October 31. The Williamson is open from May 31 - October 31. Good hatches of PMD's and Black Drakes occur on the Wood from May - July. In years past, the heaviest hatches are the last three weeks of June. Grasshopper fishing usually starts around August. See "Wood River" link for more information.

The Lower Williamson fishes well from opening day. Hexagenia (the Big Yellow Mayfly) usually start emerging in the last week of June / first week of July and carry-on for about two weeks.  See "Williamson River" link for more information.

The Upper Williamson has tremendous hatches of PMD's (May-July) and Black Drakes (June), followed by Hexagenia in July. After July, one will find consistent hatches of various mayflies and caddis.

Early-Season Flies: Williamson and Wood Rivers

Seal Buggers in black, burnt orange, maroon, olive, and brown; zonkers in natural and copper; crayfish patterns; hexagenia dries and nymphs; yellow sallies; PMD's in size 14 and BWO's in 16's; an assortment of nymphs: black stones, golden stones, hare's ears, prince nymphs, and copper johns; PMD's, flashback pheasant tails; soft hackles in orange, yellow, and cream; Black Drakes (12's); caddis pupa in cream, green and olive.

Mid-Season Flies: Williamson and Wood Rivers

All of the above but add tricos (18-20's), grasshoppers (6 & 8's), black flash buggers (8 & 10's), and an assortment of smaller nymphs in sizes 16 - 18.

Late-Season flies: Williamson and Wood Rivers

Mahogany Duns (14's) in both dun, emerger, and spinner stages; BWO's in dun, emerger and spinner stages; October caddis; assortment of small nymphs in 18-22's.

All anglers must come to the trip with an Oregon fishing license and all the gear you need to be comfortable in nature’s elements: warm clothes and raingear for chilly and / or rainy days; sun protection and well ventilated clothes for hot days; Polaroid sunglasses, a camera and lunch for yourself. All anglers are welcomed and encouraged to bring their personal fishing gear and flies.

All bookings will receive the best possible customer service to insure a successful, personalized adventure. Upon confirmation I will supply needed directions to the fishing destination, meeting times, and answer all your questions regarding accommodations and fishing gear.

Deposits are not necessary, but cancellations at least a week prior to any bookings are appreciated. Cancellations are sometimes necessary if for some reason it is determined that weather or water conditions would lead to an unproductive or dangerous trip.

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