Wood River

Wood River
"The Wood River will find its nitch in the heart of every spring creek angler."

Originating at a large spring in Kimball State Park northeast of Fort Klamath, the Wood is a spring creek that will test every angler's ability. Fish for large resident browns up to ten pounds in the spring and summer and migratory rainbows in the fall.

A day on the Wood is a visual splendor and solitary retreat. Owls, hawks, eagles, foxes, otters, mustkrats, beavers, wildflowers, and mountain views will be your companions as we float in search of feeding trout on the gentle gin-clear waters.
Wood River Brown Trout
Fishing on the Wood occurs from May 1 - October 31. Highlights include early season hatches of PMD's in May, June and July, followed by an assortment of green drakes, BWO's and other mayflies and caddis.  In August, it's grasshopper season and time to throw large grasshopper patterns against the banks.  Fall brings out a hatch of BWO's and Mahogany Duns that rival the early season PMD hatch in size.  One can always bring bigger browns to hand with streamers and sinking lines. 

A day spent on the Wood River is not one you will soon forget!

The end of June is a particularly good time to fish the Wood.  If your game, we can fish the Wood for a half day, take an afternoon break and visit Crater Lake, and then jet over to the Williamson for an evening of Hexagenia fishing.  It's a long day, "but, Oh! It's so goooooooooood!"

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